Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Heart Break Hotel

Heart Break Huh everyone has had there heart broken once in there life or will have to deal with it, heart break that is but how do we save our selves from feeling the pain of heart break ?? There is no clear way to steer your self from heart break should we just not love at all, and jump from person to person protecting our hearts? Or should we just live in the world of heart break ? What a hard choice to choose huh who wants to be alone but more then that who wants to feel heart break, no one sits there and be like hey you break my heart or play with my feelings that would be crazy right? To understand heart break you have to under stand the person who is breaking your heart and why. Are they just an mean people or did some one hurt them and your just the victim of sitituion who knows right I know its not funny but i cant help but to sit and think of people jumping back and fourth hurting each other its just a circle that forever goes around and around and around and around WHOA i was getting dizzy back to the issue at hand Lol. You know what i hate I hate when you meet some one and you spend all the time of getting to know that person what makes them smile what makes them cry getting to know them in and out and you both fall in love and everything is good with you guys then the other person starts to talk the trash and say things like you act just like my ex and you sit there and be like really ?? To often this is what happens and this is the start of heart break you ask how ?? how is this the start of heart break ?? Well since you wanna know so bad I tell you how would you feel if you invested hours,days,months,years into some one trying to show them your not like there ex and then they let something slip out like your like my ex what a shot to your ego wouldn't you feel like no this mutha fucka didn't what an ass hole fellas don't we be like this bitch tripping don't lie its all hard and crazy right.... I know im every where with what im saying but hey!!!! Point blank Heart Break is Bitch on the rag with no chocolate and we can never get rid of heart break so lear2 n how to deal with it you weak hearted bastards lol only joking protect your heart but don't ever over protect your heart you may miss out on some thing good Im just talking shit holla @ ya Boy follow me on Twitter @Souf101 and add me thanks for reading my BS p.s Sorry if i misspelled words lol

Monday, May 23, 2011

sex and hip hop

What sells more then sex ?? Sex is one of the most grossing most profitable ventures any one can do this why hip hop artist like my self you sex to sell not my sex the appearance of a beautiful women to catch the eye of the consumer buy this doesn't mean we artist just fuck around do you know most artist have family's don't get me wrong there are some slut bag rappers out there but not all are the same just know that we do use sex to sell so fuck who ain't wit up lmao just joking I love women lol follow me @souf101 and @hustlmuzik album coming soon and coming soon Hyoooooooooo

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Fuck yo producer nigga

What's good world let me start off by saying fuck yo producer nigga lmao no real shit let me tell you the name of a hot producer that does my beats tracks what ever you wanna call em DIRTY KNOCC Bitches real shit Yall sleeping on my home boi he my producer but shit dude got talent check out some of the tracks we has laced @ one of the hottest in Milwaukee that makes me say FUCK YO PRODUCER NIGGA lol he has worked with some hot names and I don't know any other producer who has more beats on the radio then this nigga hey gurl do my dance green and yellow shit ima only going to give you three but shit ima get out of here I want talk to tell me who ur fav producer in your city like always follow me @souf101 and @hustlmuzik hyoooo

who the best rapper in milwaukee ?

What up world and my Milwaukee people who do you think is the best rapper in your city Milwaukee let me know I personally think there's no one that can match me bar to bar but that's just me lol but whos hot its a lot of trash in my city and it passes me off niggas think they hot I'm tell yall who hot and who not but Yall tell me what Yall think and who's ur fav mc in Milwaukee or in ur city and ill let you know if the that deal or if they a bum FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER @SOUF101 Hyoooooooooo

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Who's hotter then me is what every indie rapper or singer thinks on a daily basis well I would hope that what you would think but who actually provides good music as a indie artist to many times I hear music that should be thrown into the trash but who am I to judge if its a hit then its hit right NOT why do we indie rappers think where better then the next man or women I'm a indie Artist and I feel like I'm good at what I do and no one can do me better then I can do my self but does that mean that I'm hot low key it does lol why is Milwaukee NOT on the map ? I think about that every day and its a shame that a lot of artist feel the same way I do feels like where the only state in the Midwest that gets no love and why is that ? Because everyone feels who's hotter then me the Midwest is the only territory that doesn't have a huge movement are we not as good as the rest of the map or do we live in what I like to call the crabs in a bucket state ? There is a lot of talent across the Midwest its time for us to make noise and let them know we can bang and hang with the big boys Milwaukee let's come together and set an example for the rest of the Midwest Chicago is our close neighbor and there already taking off lets get on a higher level and show a prove what we can do so when we say who's hotter then me it will mean something follow me on Twitter @souf101 Colabs are free -Souf